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When you’re in love.

You feel safe.

Everything is unlimited.

You can feel the beauty in every single things.

No matter what you do, you can find the empathy from your lover.

You trust your partner more than anything in this world.

You’re in harmonies with the natures.

There’re no fears.

You can touch the universe through the name of love.

Together, you can achieve both of your dreams without any conflict.

You feel easy, no struggle with the moment.

You see the pain from others trying to find their own true love.

But, remember that

You have to become the best of yourself

You have to full-fill your soul, your inner peace at first

Then with the support of time and the right psych sphere.

You will find love.

And love can only touch for one time.

And last for a life time.

You know it when you find it.

— He wrote for Us—

5/5/2013 – 5/5/2018 = 5 years together



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