If books are one of your best friends and time is not, then you may be a huge fan of audiobooks. Or simply you just love enjoying books through charming voices, just like me, then Audible (an Amazon company) – the world’s biggest audiobooks platform, is definitely the best choice.

If you’re being attracted to Audible by the Audible 30-day free trial and about to join it, let’s go through these updated step-by-step Audible insider tips to really get the most out of it, to receive as much more free audiobooks as you can and also to take advantage of all the deals offered by Audible.

1. TIP 1  Get one or two credits via 30-Day free trial

Amazon offers a free trial of Audible for 30 days, which depends on its schedule will give you 1 or 2 free credits (to get 1 or 2 free audiobooks) and 2 audible originals (2 audiobooks produced by Audible Studio). It means after registering, you will win up to 3 or 4 free audiobooks in total and one-month free membership to enjoy a lot of member’s benefits (Audible monthly fee is $14.95). Such a big fortune to give a shot without thinking twice!

However, as mentioned, Audible will sometimes give you 2 free credits plus 2 Audible originals and sometimes only 1 free credits plus 2 Audible originals. I used to sign up for this free trial programme twice with my 2 Amazon accounts (this is also a small trick to get more free audiobooks from Audible Free Trial. I’ll show you guys how to get them all into one Audible account’s library at TIP 9). The first time Audible was offering me only 1 free credit and the second time they gave away 2 credits plus 2 Audible titles.

Hence, no matter you are intending to continue the membership or not, you should definitely register to get all free credits via the 30-day free trial. You can keep them all with you to listen over and over again even after deciding to cancel your membership.

Follow this Audible link to register for Audible 30-Day Free Trial.

Currently, they’re offering you 1 free credit plus 2 Audible titles. You should sign up early before they reduce to only 1 free credit like in my very first registration 😉 It’s a promoting programme, it keeps changing!

2. TIP 2  Go through the steps to almost cancel your membership for surprised discounts

Follow these steps to almost cancel your membership after one-month Free Trial:

Step 1: Go to Audible desktop site on your computer. If you go to Audible website on your phone/tablet, click on Full Site at the bottom to change to full desktop site

Step 2: On the Audible desktop site, go to the Account Details in the dropdown menu under your name account

Step 3: Click Cancel membership at the bottom of the “View membership details” section

At this step, Audible would definitely try to pull you back in their membership plan by offering you 50% monthly fee off for the next 3 months (around $7 per month instead of $14.95 and you’ll enjoy all the Gold plan’s benefits). I stayed with this Audible offer and kept receiving 1 free credit plus 2 Audible titles each month. After one month trial and 3 month discount, I had 14 audiobooks in my library at only $21. Remember each Audible title cost you around $20 on average so this is a super deal you shouldn’t miss. Moreover, people will get different offers such as 3 months membership for 1$, three months free membership, 20$ gift card and so on depends on its promotions from time to time. But obviously you’ll save a lot by this trick instead of going through mainstream official ways.


3. TIP 3 During 1 month trial and 3 discounted months, subscribe Audible Escape to enjoy unlimted Free Audiobooks in the package.

So during 30-day trial and 90-day discount, remember to use all the free credits and free Audible Originals. Browse around, listen to demos and read through the reviews, pick up all of your favorite audiobooks. Download them all to your library. Save it there.

Meanwhile, take your time to read through unlimited free audiobooks included in Audible Escape programme (an unlimited audiobooks subscription which allows you to get access to a huge number of romance audiobooks with unlimited free listening. After signing up for Audible Escape, you’ll have first month free and then only $6.95 per month if you’re still a member. It costs $12.95 for a non-member). You can download these titles to your library for offline listening too, but after canceling Audible Escape, they’re going to be gone soon. That’s why I told you to take your “free member time” to enjoy as mush free audiobooks as you can if you’re a romance audiobooks lover.

This is a huge advantage you should definitely take the most of it!

If you are enjoying Audible Free Trial [Sign up Here] you may want to join Audible Escape Free Trial too.

*Tip 3 Plus: To consume more books in Audible Escape during your free trial and discounted time, you can select the speed-up setting in the bottom left corner of the Audible App to get through books faster in the same amount of time. So that you can binge on a lot more free titles in case you’re really a romance bookaholic and “greedily” want to get the most out of your free trial time 😉

4. TIP 4  After 3 discounted-months, threaten to cancel your membership again for a switch to hidden Silver Plan

Now you’ve enjoyed your 30-day free trial and also your  3 month discount membership (plus 1-month free Audible Escape) and you still want more?! Let’s switch to this secret Silver Plan! (In the Golden Plan, Audible charges you $14.95 every month (you pay $14.95 after one month). But under the Silver Plan, they will charge you a same amount for every other month (you pay $14.95 after 2 months)

You may never see the silver membership anywhere on their website unless you go through the “Cancel membership” steps (as guided in Tip 2) once again. After clicking on the option”cancel membership” and choosing a reason, a Silver Plan offer would be popped out to keep you stay. Just go for it and you would be changed to this cheaper Silver Plan.

Audible switch to Silver

5. TIP 5  Put your account on hold instead of cancelling the membership immediately

You can put your account on hold for up to three months each year and don’t have to pay any fee during this period but still enjoy the benefits as a member, except that  you won’t receive a free credit every month. You can still receive all the membership discounts, buy all the audiobooks with cheaper price, redeem your left credits, return books…

So remember this option if there is some months you want to be off from Audible schedule but still can get all the best membership discounts.

6. TIP 6  Return the Audible books you do not like or exchange a finished audiobook for another title.

This is totally possible due to Audible’s policy “Great Listen Guarantee”. You’re not happy with an audiobook you bought or simply you’ve finised it and want to exchange for a new one, just return that audiobook for your money/credits back or for a new title that you want, even after 1 year purchase. Such a huge bargain right?

It means you can use this policy to have more than one audiobook with only 1 credit or with the same money spent! However, don’t use this too much of course. Audible will recognize this tricky action if you do it too often! They are not happy when you are “too happy” you know 🙂

7. TIP 7 Don’t Use Audible Credits if Audible Book is $14.95 or less and stock up your credits and audiobooks at cheaper prices

Since your monthly Audible Membership fee is $14.95 and you get 1 credit from this. So obviously spending that “$14.95 credit” for a title which costs more than $14.95 would be your best money’s worth

More over, you should always watch out for Audible’s special deals to get some new audiobooks at the cheapest price. They even offer 70%-80% off for some new titles during special days. Sometimes, I bought a $29 audiobook at only $5! Or sometimes, you may come across 2-for-1 deals and suddenly it’s possible to purchase 2 audiobooks with only 1 credit!

Another tip to get Audiobooks at cheaper price is stocking up your credits through the option “Buy 3 extra credits”

You can go to this page to buy extra credits at the discounted prices. The prices for credits will vary for different membership. But they’re all cheaper than spending straight $14.95 for one credit.

Here is the price.

Membership Plan Extra Credit Price
Gold Monthly $35.88/3
Gold Annual $29.90/3
Platinum Monthly $34.41/3
Platinum Annual $28.68/3

But Remember your Credit Rollover limit – how much you can stock up your not-spent-yet credits in your account. It depends on your membership plan too.

Here is the Credit Rollover litmit for each plan:

Membership Plan Rollover Limit
Gold Monthly 6 Credits
Gold Annual 18 Credits
Platinum Monthly 12 Credits
Platinum Annual 36 Credits

8.TIP 8  Purchase the audiobook versions of your Kindle purchases at cheaper prices

To take advantage of this trick, you need to you use Amazon MatchMaker, a service that scans your Kindle account for eligible titles you can get audiobook versions of inside Audible. After scanning, it’ll show you what titles (from your Kindle) that you can get from Audible, of course, at a much cheaper price!

9. TIP 9  Use another Audible account to get more free credits then give them as a gift to your Audible main account

This is a little “black trick” but c’mon, it’s not illegal and you can have more free credits, especially during the time Audible offer 2 free credits instead of only 1 free credit for their trial.

This is totally possible because Audible allows you to use your credits to give audiobooks to friends or family members. They only not allow you to transfer dicrectly your credits to others. But transfering credits as gifts of audiobook is, on the other hand, another different story.

To give someone special the gift of a great listen, or as mentioned, to use that “black trick”, follow these steps:

  1. Find the audiobook you want to purchase as a gift. On the audiobook’s summary page, click Give as a gift next to the purchase options.Audible Gift tip 1
  2. Choose how you want to send your gift – either through an email or as a printable card. Fill in the blank spaces provided and click Continue.Audible Gift Tip 2
  3. Review the information you added and click Buy Now with 1 Credit.
  4. Click Confirm Purchase to finalize your purchase.
  5. Voilà! You’ll get a new book gift from yourself!

10. TIP 10  Get more free audibooks on the Audible’s free listens page

So many people, even long-time Audible’s members, don’t  know there is a place where Audible gives away tons of free audiobooks. For people who loves everything “free” then this is a gold!

Go to for so many more great audiobooks that don’t cost a thing! Download them totally free to your library and start enjoying!

Eventually, all tips and tricks mentioned above will definitely not work if you haven’t signed up for this fantastic 30-day Audible Free Trial yet [Sign up Here]. So remmeber to take this for free and get the most out of it!



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